There's something so wonderfully pure and mysterious about St. Vincent and the Grenadines with its 32 islands, eclectic mix of people, secluded beaches, turquoise water, cerulean sky, tantalizing food, fresh fruits, eco-tourism and yes, its black sand.  It’s an oxymoron– unspoiled and uncluttered by tourists, yet boasting a world class resort on the main island.

Whether for a tropical vacation, business trip, or regional holiday, here are a few ideas about things to do while in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The Grenadines 

The Grenadines are a chain of 32 islands and cays that stretch south of St. Vincent.  Only 8 of the Grenadine islands are inhabited.  The Grenadines offer powder white sand beaches on deserted islands with the most breathtaking scene of blue sky meeting crystal clear turquoise water.  The Islands are known for their exotic resorts especially the world renowned Island of Mustique. These islands boast some of the world’s best sailing grounds. Sail, snorkel, dive, dine or simply gaze at the stars – Paradise on earth.

Bequia Easter Regatta

The Bequia Easter Regatta has been held annually for the last 30 years. It runs for five days during Easter from March 28 – April 1, 2013.  It blends local boat racing, yacht racing and shore-side activities with the Bequia hospitality. Over 42 yachts ranging from 12 feet to 28 feet in length and all capable of travelling extraordinary speeds compete in the waters around Bequia. Participants from Martinique, the UK, the USA, Netherlands, Austria, Trinidad, Grenada, Carriacou, St. Vincent, Bequia, St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua all descend on Bequia to compete in this breathtaking, colourful sport. 

Mustique Blues Festival

“It's one of those must-does in life, an event you just have to experience first-hand. Mustique's annual Blues Festival is unquestionably one of the world's premier music events”. For more than 15 years the Mustique Blues Festival has been featuring some of the world’s best Blues musicians while providing funding for the Basil Charles Educational Foundation. The festival was started by Basil Charles and Dana Gillespie.  The festival is held at Basil's Bar, one of the most famous beach bars in the Caribbean, known as much for its celebrity clientele as its idyllic locale on the posh Grenadine island of Mustique. The Festival includes a sunset concert on a Sunday night and features  a week of performances from artists like Dana Gillespie and the London Blues Band. The Mustique Blues Festival typically begins the last week of January.

La Soufriere

St. Vincent’s undisturbed natural destination, where flora meets cultural heritage is unimaginable. Eco Tourists, hikers and nature enthusiasts explore St. Vincent’s (main island) many natural wonders including La Soufriere Volcano.  The volcano challenges hiking enthusiasts to reach a height of 4,048 feet.  It has two trail options.  It is definitely not an easy hike, however if you manage to make it to the top, the view is spectacular.  You’ve come face-to-face with nature’s wonder. 

Botanical Gardens

Established in 1765 and sitting on three acres of land bursting with beauty, it’s considered to be one of the oldest gardens in the western hemisphere. This lush garden is home to rare and exotic plants and trees, including one descendant of the breadfruit tree brought over by Captain Bligh. The garden is busting with colour and beauty, and is also home to the national bird, the St. Vincent parrot. 


The island has a few falls that are yet to be fully explored. Simply breathtaking and unaltered these falls are transformative. Dark View Falls is found on the Leeward side of the island. Dark View is known as the twin falls because of the upper and lower falls. There are two trails to take you up to the upper trails to enjoy another awe-inspiring experience. The Falls of Baleine is accessible by a short boat ride around to the Leeward coast. View the volcano and lava flows as you approach the north coast. Enjoy a dip in the fresh river water below the 63-foot waterfall. Captivating and picturesque, Trinity Falls in the Wallilabou River is about a 45 minute hike through the rainforest to a 40-foot waterfall. The waterfall descends into a three tiered sequence of pools. You can swim in one of the warmest rivers in St. Vincent right in Trinity Falls. 

Flow’s Wine Bar

This urban destination is a combination of chic and laissez-faire. Specializing in wine and beers, Flow’s Wine Bar offers its patrons a wide selection. It prides itself not on luxury, but on elegance - getting the experience right; the music, design, food, customer service and entertainment. Come in on a Monday night for Monday movie classics, sit back with a glass of wine, and enjoy.





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